Monday, April 9, 2018

Monster Monday: Ghost Rider by Bob Budianksy

Lots of great original art being posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All of it gets me jazzed up, but I love this blast from the past by Bob Budiansky!

Ghost Rider 2018 by Bob Budiansky

The above is an original drawing he did to support the Hero Initiative. You can follow Bob on Twitter here.

Ghost Rider was waning in the later years of the original run when Roger Stern and Bob Budiansky came onboard. Quickly the series was revitalized, a new twist on the origin of Johnny Blaze was given.

Ghost Rider 70 budiansky cover

One of my favorite covers during the period was Ghost Rider 70 from 1982, an homage to the Todd Browning film, Freaks.

Ghost Rider 73 splash page

The Ghost Rider demon, Zarathos, was often portrayed as being at war with Johnny Blaze. This splash page from GR 73 shows the demon wailing at not being released.

Ghost Rider vol 1 was cancelled a year later, laying dormant until the character was revived with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. Nuff Said!


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