Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Marvel Team-Up 4 cover by Gil Kane, recolored by Scott Dutton

I've been appreciating the work of Scott Dutton, a fine artist / colorist, you can visit his website Catspaw Dynamics. He has done a lot of work recoloring classic comics covers and sometimes doing remixes on covers that never existed.

marvel_team-up_4 recreated colors

This one did exist: Marvel Team-Up 4 cover by Gil Kane, where Spider-Man met the X-Men. This was a big event for X-Men fans. The mutants didn't have a regular ongoing series at this point, just reprints. The above is Scott's recoloring using the original scheme from the 1972 comic.

marvel_team-up_4 blue logo

I love this alternate version where Scott put his own spin on the cover. Spider-Man pops more out of the foreground by making the background grey. Even the word balloon where Cyclops is talking is in red, outlining the danger. The logo on top is light blue, lots of subtle differences. You can see the full process that Scott Dutton went through to do all of this on his blog post. I was amazed to learn he didn't use the original art but a page from the Essentials black and white collection! Nuff Said.


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