Sunday, July 9, 2017

Create your own Giant-Size Marvel cover! And our blog logo changes!

Scott Dutton from Catspaw Dynamics, has produced a blank cover template where you can create your own Giant-Size Marvel comic!

You can do your own digital recreations using this template. Or perhaps commission your own Giant Size cover from an artist for titles that were never published. Giant-Size Inhumans, that never existed and the story was split across Inhumans 1-2!

In addition, Scott very nicely produced a new version of the masthead for Giant-Size Marvel!

For comparison, you can see my old header here. It was a rough hodge podge of elements that I put together when I was on Microsoft Windows, using Paint.Net to clip and assemble everything together. I was always disappointed that you couldn't see all the Defenders in the circle, and I hated the fonts on top. I also wanted the full comics code stamp of approval!

The new header by Scott is cleaned up with a full Captain Marvel figure on the right, much sharper colors. The Defenders are all in the circle! And the fonts on top are clear, sharp, easy to read. In addition to the much better Giant-Size Marvel logo!

You can see Scott's specific coloring work related to Marvel Comics here. He has some great stuff there, check it out! Nuff Said.


  1. Thanks, Richard. Happy to do it. Readers can get the full-size template on my blog:

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