Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thing Tuesdays: Stranded in the Desert

Update: I originally published this on January 13, 2009, but since I just reviewed Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin: The Complete Collection yesterday, I thought I would republish it!

Think you are having a bad day?  If you’re Benjamin J. Grimm and you’ve just saved the world (in a team-up with the Hulk), what thanks do you get?  None!  Not even a ride out of the desert when Marvel Feature #12 begins…

marvel feature 12 splash page

Since it is a Marvel comic, you just know the Thing won’t be left alone for long.  Sure enough, Iron Man shows up and they fight a couple of Thanos’ goons, the Blood Brothers.  At the end of the tale…

marvel feature 12 still stranded

…The Thing is stuck in the desert again!  What a blamed revoltin’ development!  Nuff said.

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