Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thing Tuesday: Marvel Two In One 61, Starhawk and Her!

This cover fits in with my recent article on Warlock the Complete Collection...

Marvel Two-In-One 61 Thing and Starhawk by Perez and Austin

Marvel Two-In-One 61, The Thing and Starhawk by George Perez and Terry Austin! Warlock was known as HIM when he first appeared in the Fantastic Four, so naturally Mark Gruenwald had to create someone called...HER! But I don't recall whatever happened to this character. Nuff Said!

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  1. Marvel Two-in-One was one of those series I read only occasionally until the Gruenwald/Macchio/Perez run, starting (at least for me) with the Project Pegasus arc. They quietly created some great comics (at least that's what my memory tells me) that rarely get celebrated. Thanks for bringing this one up.