Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marvel Super Heroes 47 Hulk cover / original art by Jim Starlin

Since I am on a Starlin rediscovery kick lately, here's a 1974 reprint cover I am crazy about: Marvel Super Heroes 47, featuring The Hulk!


I love Starlin's Hulk! He captures the fierce monstrosity of the character and the transformation here from Banner into the Hulk is classic. It captures the original intent to make this monster related to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Marvel-Super-Heroes-47 original art

Here is the original art to this cover, which looks nifty in black and white.

At this point in time, Marvel Super Heroes was reprinting Tales to Astonish. The Bronze Age Babies twitter account recently asked which we preferred on reprints - the original cover from the comic being reprinted, or a new cover? That is easy for me, hands down I liked the new covers because they gave artists like Starlin a shot to draw these classic characters.

Nuff Said!


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  2. I always liked the redrawn Spider-Man covers by Gil Kane of MARVEL TALES. Each issue had a "bonus" page ... "The original cover to this issue's tale!"