Sunday, June 18, 2017

Avenger Annual 7 original cover art by Jim Starlin

I recently re-read the Warlock collection on Comixology - the penultimate chapter to this saga is Avengers Annual 7 from August 1977! The cover was an amazing work by Jim Starlin...

Avengers Annual 7 Starlin cover

Showing the Avengers + Captain Marvel (another Starlin character) in combat with the thralls of Thanos. Warlock stands on a hill in the distance, silently observing. The head of Thanos in the background is eerie, due to the overlay process used on the cover.

Avengers Annual 7 original art

For the orignal art, here are the main figures. Looks very cool even in black and white. On the horizon there is no Thanos or night time sky...

Avengers Annual 7 overlay

Here is the original art plus the overlay for the blue plate plus extra logo. It looks like Starlin used a razor blade to make the white streaks continue on from the hill Warlock is standing on.

I will be doing a review of this Warlock collection soon. Stay tuned! Nuff Said.