Saturday, February 25, 2017

Strange Saturday: Tomb of Dracula 44 cover art

I was doing some research on original cover art on Heritage Auctions tonight and ran across this classic cover for Tomb of Dracula 44, which featured a certain Sorcerer Supreme doing battle against the Lord of the Vampires...

Tomb of Dracula 44 cover Dr Strange

This classic cover sold for $26,290 sold for last August! Can you believe it? I can, since the hype for the Dr. Strange movie must have driven up demand for this one. Gene Colan and Tom Palmer on the art, the line work is quite impressive in black and white! In color it seems like a hippie dream come true...

Tomb of Dracula 44 color

The cover reads Because You Demanded It! And it seemed like a no brainer, because the artistic team of Colan/Palmer drew both series. Can you imagine anything at all like this today? Two artistic titans banging out nearly 40 pages a month for two series. Sheesh! These days you're lucky to get a team doing 6-8 issues a year!

Doctor Strange 14

I always enjoyed this particular two parter, where (SPOILERS for decades ago) each character thought they had killed the other by the end of each issue. They don't make 'em like this any more, true believer!

Nuff Said.


  1. Hey dud you still around. Dig your blog says old guy in FL

    1. Still around! Need to start posting regularly day soon!