Sunday, November 27, 2016

Alpha Flight poster by John Byrne with original art

If you were a John Byrne fanatic back in the early 80s, you may have picked up this Alpha Flight poster...

Just what you always wanted: a giant Puck hanging in your nerd room! Kind of funny, right? Vindicator, way cooler, flying over Puck's head. You would think that guy would have been front and center.

Through the miracles of Facebook groups, I saw the original art to this poster the other day...

Vindicator was added on top of the original image as an afterthought! Weird huh? Well maybe not so weird. At the time Byrne did this poster, Alpha Flight #12 had already been published where (SPOILERS for 1984) Vindicator died at the very end of the story. I recall the poster coming out around the same time or shortly after. So possibly in Byrne's mind, Vindicator was no longer part of the team and not in the poster. But someone made him put the character back and was added on top of the original image.

Nuff Said!

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