Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Giant-Size Kid Colt!

I thought by this point in my life, I had seen every Giant-Size title that Marvel had published in the 1970s. Well my mind was blown away by a title I never knew existed: Giant-Size Kid Colt!

Can you imagine? 50 cents for double sized Western action greatness, although in the form of a reprint! The cover to issue #1 was by Larry Lieber and Vinnie Colletta. I see the Colletta inks definitely but I might have been tempted to say it was a Kirby cover. To pump up the adrenaline, Rawhide Kid was the guest star.

Gil Kane drew this glorious cover to issue #2 featuring an Alamo-like last stand by the Western heroes. No inker listed, so did Kane ink himself? Looks like it! Kane had a great affinity for Western covers and I have featured a few in the past.

The third and final issue was another Kane cover showing yet another team-up between Kid Colt and Night Rider. You would almost think this was a team-up title, like Giant-Size Spider-Man which always had a special guest star every issue. Fun stuff! Nuff Said.

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