Saturday, September 5, 2015

Marvel's Star Wars comics are firing on all thrusters

I look forward to reading Marvel's Star Wars and Darth Vader comics every month. They are well written and drawn. The Star Wars comic just had Stuart Immonen come on board as regular artists - man he nails everything - the ships, the hardware, the likenesses of actors (Hamill and Fisher in particular)! 

Darth Vader is even better, the writer Kieron Gillen has devised this great team around Darth, dark mirrors of Indiana Jones, Dr Aprha, and her evil droids Triple Zero and BT-1.

So I am wondering - why am I so crazy about Marvel's Star Wars comics when I never really read the Dark Horse stuff, especially that had some good creators, too. Am I succumbing to the marketing over the new movie? Feeling nostalgic over Marvel's 70s Star Wars comics? Perhaps some of that, but more that I love the talent that Marvel put on this books and tried to coordinate the stories together. Nuff Said!

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