Friday, July 18, 2014

Cover Teardown: Conan the Barbarian 30 by Gil Kane and Ernie Chan!

From 1973, this battle scarred cover by Gil Kane and Ernie Chan for Conan the Barbarian #30!

Conan the Barbarian 30 1973 Gil Kane and Ernie Chan

Notice the note to inker Ernie Chan on the bottom: "Ernie - Keep cleavage delicate - light lines".

conan the barbarian 30 by gil kane

I always found this cover striking because of the giant purple bat-like creature in the background.  Also the angle of Conan, as if he is on a hill with a downward slope.

Actually a lot of Ernie Chan's delicate line work was lost in the full color process!  The bat had a lot of cross hatching and even the rocks were full of lines.  But it's one of the classic Conan covers - each of the first 35 Conan covers were gems.  Nuff Said!

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