Monday, February 17, 2014

What do these four 1975 Marvel debut issues have in common?

What do these 4 Marvel titles have in common?  They are seemingly random and unrelated save for one fact: they all debuted with an October 1975 cover date, which have appeared on newsstands in July 1975.

They were all green lighted during a lunch in 1975 with Len Wein, Tony Isabella and others.  Wein was given a mandate to expand the current Marvel line by 4 titles.  The story is told in this week's Nerdist Writers Panel Comics Edition podcast by Wein and Isabella - I highly recommend this particularly podcast to any Marvel fan.  Their memories are a bit shaky; Isabella remembers two of the titles being Black Goliath and Tigra as well.  However, I believe it is the above four as they came out during the same month and Goliath / Tigra appeared in 1976.

The funny thing is that when the green light for the four titles were given, John Verpooten immediately told Isabella he was behind the deadline!  Nuff Said.

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