Wednesday, January 1, 2014

X-Men Battle of the Atom original art covers by Art Adams

The Battle of the Atom mini-series ended last year, which seemed to be an excessive crossover for me.  But it had some great artwork, most notably the covers by Art Adams.  Here are three of them in the original pen and ink versions.

X-Men Battle of the Atom #3 featured this great cover with young Jean Grey and Scott Summers on the run.  I love, love, love how this looks in black and white.  The costumes look nice and the circle/line perspective really draws your attention to the characters.

Battle of the Atom #4 featured Magneto as he threatens the younger X-Men.  Who doesn't like a Magneto pose?  Rogue is standing next to him, too.

The first issue had this dramatic collage of old and new teams with the threat of the Sentinels in the background.  The Angel looks majestic the way that Adams draws him here.  Nuff Said!

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