Friday, December 27, 2013

Giant-Sized X-Men 50th Anniversary Jam Poster

If any image deserved the monicker "Giant-Size", surely it is this incredible poster jam featuring the X-Men!

Drawn by many classic artists throughout X-Men history, many of my favorites:

  • Walter Simonson (on the upper left) with X-Factor
  • Neal Adams (upper middle) with his Silver Age team, including Havok
  • Art Adams drawing the New Mutants from that classic Special Edition
  • Chris Bachalo with Generation X
  • Stuart Immonen drawing the original blue and yellow uniforms on the lower right
  • Even Joe Mad and While Portacio
Great poster!  Would love to have had John Byrne or Jim Lee draw something here, but given the circumstances I can see why they are not included.  Anyone know when it will be sold on retail?  I've been searching and cannot find it for sale yet.  Nuff Said!

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