Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Punisher in Two Classic Paintings by Mike Zeck

Michael Zeck is on Facebook and he recently shared his own scans of two classic Punisher paintings that he did for Marvel.

Punisher 1 painting by Mike Zeck original scan

The cover to Punisher #1, the limited series by Zeck and writer Steven Grant that launched this supporting Spider-Man character into a lead character.  How those flying bullets seem to miss the Punisher's vital organs...magic must be involved somehow!

Punisher Poster art by Michael Zeck

This piece above appeared as a pinup in Marvel Fanfare and then later was sold as a poster.  Both pieces have airbrushed air by Phil Zimelman.  If you look closely at this power you will see a some famous names in the background...and I think I see a little cartoon of Archie Goodwin in there too.  Nuff Said!

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