Sunday, August 11, 2013

Strange Sunday: Doctor Strange Slurpee cup

Summer reminds me of 7-Eleven Marvel Slurpee cups.  Over 15 years ago I was in a antique curio shop somewhere and noticed this cup was for sale.

Marvel Slurpee Cups!

I think at the time it was only $3!  I remember buying this in the 1970s...only to throw them away at some point.  Who did the drawing used for the cup?  I was pretty sure it was Brunner but then the inking doesn't look like it was by Dick Giordiano.

Marvel Premiere 9 Doctor Strange splash Frank Brunner Ernie Chua

This was taken from the splash page of Marvel Premiere #9 from 1973, art by Frank Brunner and Ernie Chua -- the Conan inker (aka Ernie Chan), a genuinely nice guy from a couple of cons I've attended.  You can see the figure of Doc Strange was tilted a bit straighter, and someone must have simplified the inking and certain details, but it is basically the same figure.  Nuff Said!

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