Saturday, August 31, 2013

Silver Surfer Saturday: Marvel Slurpee Cup

The holy grail in comics collecting for me was a good copy of Silver Surfer #1 from 1968.  The next best thing to collect?  This Marvel Slurpee cup from 1975.  I recently was able to get one.

Silver Surfer Slurpee Cup

The classic logo and a dashing image by a Buscema adorn this fine cup.  It's certainly not a Kirby pose, right?  But where was this illustration taken from?  A cover?  A splash page?  John or Sal?  Perhaps from the Defenders which was published in the 70s?

Silver Surfer 4 1969 John and Sal Buscema source for Slurpee

No, it came from the lower right panel on page 4 from Silver Surfer #4, the issue where the Surfer fights Thor.  John Buscema pencils, of course, but his brother Sal Buscema inked him.  I thought they made a fine team but soon Sal became a dynamic penciller on his own.

Silver Surfer Slurpee Cup back

The back of these cups had the characters in their civilian guises explaining their origin.  In the Surfer's case, this is Norrin Radd.  I really dig that part about mankind being ignorant.  Kind of snooty, isn't he, that Norrin Radd?  Nuff Said!


  1. I have resisted these cups for so long, because I knew as soon as I bought one that would be it I would be hooked and have to get them all...

    Bought Two different versions of the Hulk this week (Pretty sure there are three total!). Already finding myself having to resist the urge to go crazy on EBAY!

    1. I had the same feeling -- if I started buying these it would be hard to stop. I bought a bunch recently, now I really have to stop. But I am glad for the dozen or so that I have, especially the Surfer!

  2. Guys --

    I still have about 30 cups from original purchase. Like a dope, as a kid I used some of them and in the washing process the screens have dimmed or even become scuffed. And of course, one of those was the X-Men cup with the wonderful Dave Cockrum wraparound art. Just stupid...

    Thanks for showing this, Richard!


    1. Thanks for writing, Doug! I just bought a set of these Slurpee cups on eBay. Some were in good condition, others had scuffing and ink streaks -- they must have been washed as you said. People need to watch out for that when buying them on eBay.