Monday, August 12, 2013

Monster Monday: Ghost Rider Slurpee cup

The Marvel Monsters were well represented in Marvel's Slurpee cups from 1975.  Man-Thing, Dracula, and Ghost Rider has their own cups.

Ghost Rider Slurpee cup

Johnny Blaze was featured on his hellblazing cycle.  Now where did this image come from?  A Ghost Rider comic or an issue of Marvel Spotlight?

Marvel Two-in-One 8 1975 Ghost Rider Thing by Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott

Neither!  It was lifted off the cover of Marvel Two-In-One #8, cover dated Mar 1975 but it probably was on the stands in Dec 1974.  The Slurpee cups were sold at 7-Eleven the spring/summer of 75.  The cover is by Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott.  Always found that one a strange tale...Ghost Rider in a Christmas story.  Nuff Said!

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