Monday, May 27, 2013

Monster Monday: Man-Thing and Swamp Thing Team-Up!

Ever wondered what would happen if DC and Marvel's muck monsters ever met?  I've often wondered, especially since they were conceived and published around the same time in 1971.

Swamp Thing and Man-Thing by Frank Cho

Frank Cho executed this terrific illustration with Man-Thing following Swamp Thing on a trip through the outdoors.  A typical Cho-sian babe holds an axe which won't be much self-defense if she's feeling fear.  I have no idea what this was done for, a private collector, a magazine or publication?  Please let me know.

Update: Toby wrote and let me know that this was one of the covers slated for TwoMorrows book titled Swampmen: Muck Monsters of the Comics.  This publication was solicited twice and never published.  See this link for more details from George Khoury.

Man-Thing and Swamp Thing team up by George Perez

George Perez recently did this commission piece at a con, which would make a nifty cover for such an inter-company crossover.  It will never happen, but we can dream, right?  Nuff Said!

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