Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thor Splash Pages 1968-69 by Jack Kirby, Odin, Recorder and more!

As I mentioned before, Jack Kirby used splash pages quite often in Thor.  Nearly every issue featured a great action shot or a titanic figure making a speech with Stan Lee's dialogue.  Here are some great ones that were published during the last two years of Kirby's run on Thor.

Thor 161 splash page Kirby 1969

Thor #161.  My god has a hammer!  And he loves to swing it.

Thor 159 Dr Don Blake dreaming Thor splash 1968 Kirby

Thor #159, Dr. Don Blake needs to find out the truth between his relationship with his godly alter-ego.  How does he do it?  By going to sleep and dreaming.  I just recently read this one, never knew that they fully explained the Blake/Thor dichotomy.

Thor 162 Odin splash page Kirby 1969

Thor #162, Odin makes a speech that only Stan Lee could deliver, while dressed in a costume that would make Bob Mackie envious.  Kirby didn't skimp on the details in a splash page.

Thor 160 Recorder splash page 1968 Kirby

Thor #170, the Recorder jets off into space after Thor and Galactus!  Loved how Thor was a blend of mythic fantasy meeting characters in the science-fictional realms.

Incredible as all these pages were, Kirby was just warming up for his work on DC's New Gods series in the 1970s.  I am currently re-reading those right now, they are still awesome decades later.  Nuff Said!

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