Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thing Tuesday: A Football Charge of Marvel Heroes

I'm always on a scavenger hunt for artwork featuring Benjamin J Grimm.  A few months ago I came across this nifty illustration by John Buscema.

Thing and Marvel Heroes by John Buscema

The Thing in a quarterback pose with a football tucked in his arm, leading a charge of Marvel's Greatest Heroes (and Doc Doom!) into battle.  Anyone know where this first appeared?  I am guessing it must have been used in some Treasury Edition as the back cover?  Nuff Said!

Update:  A fan named Isaiah wrote that he believes this image was from a promotion that Marvel did with the NFL back in 1971.


  1. This is actually cover art for the NFL game program called PRO! It was sold in all of the stadiums that Sunday. Buscema drew Each Marvel character was drawn next to their NFL counterpart.

    Hulk - Dick Butkus (Chicago Bears)
    Spider-Man - Mike Curtis (Baltimore Colts)
    Captain America - Chuck Howley (Dallas Cowboys)
    Silver Surfer - Ray Nitschke (Green Bay Packers)

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