Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Thing Splash Pages by Jack Kirby

How many splash pages of the Thing did Jack Kirby draw?  Quite a few, but here are some that will knock your socks off.

Fantastic Four 93 The Thing vs Torgo splash page 1970

Fantastic Four 93, 1970.  The Thing versus Torgo, destroyer of men!

Fantastic Four 73 The Thing vs Thor splash 1968 Kirby

FF #73, 1968.  The Thing versus Thor!

Fantastic Four 95 The Thing splash page 1970 Kirby

Fantastic Four 95, 1970.  The Thing holding up a building and bantering some of Stan Lee's wittiest dialogue.

Fantastic Four 80 The Thing splash page 1968 Kirby

FF #80, the Thing dancing as he plans a weekend trip to Vegas. Nuff Said!


  1. What? No FF #51? Perhaps the most iconic Thing splash page of all.

  2. Fantastic pages, lovin' them even more in the Masterworks series.