Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus covers by Todd McFarlane, Gil Kane, Sal Buscema

Remember the days when Spidey and Doc Ock weren't the same person?  LOL.  I do get a kick out of reading Superior Spider-Man.  But here are some old Marvel Tales covers when their relationship wasn't so close.

Marvel Tales 224 1989 cover by Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Doctor Octopus

Marvel Tales #224 by Todd McFarlane in 1989 features a classic battle between Doc and Spidey on the rooftops.  This one reprinted the classic issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#89) where Captain Stacey dies saving a child on the street below.

Marvel Tales 223 1989 cover by Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Doctor Octopus

Marvel Tales #223, another McFarlane cover features Spidey getting a full frontal attack by those robot arms.  You have to admit McFarlane draws a great Spidey, and he kept the underarm webbing!

Marvel Tales 40 1972 Gil Kane cover

Marvel Tales #40 from 1971-1972 featured a Gil Kane cover.  Spidey had lost his memory and became temporarily convinced he was Doc Ock's partner in crime?  Crazy huh?  Good thing the internet wasn't around then or we would have fans screaming about tentacle porn.

Marvel Tales 38 1971 Sal Buscema cover

Marvel Tales #38 cover by Sal Buscema featured one of those Doc Ock larger than life motifs.  Now I feel even more creepy about those tentacles.  Nuff Said!

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  1. I LOVE Sal´s evolution from a very classic penciler (in titles like Avengers), his next leap in Walter Simonson´s Thor run and his swan song: his amazing, incredible art style for Spectacular Spider-Man.