Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby, Splash Page and Black Light poster from Fantastic Four #76

While perusing the latter issues of Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four run, I came across this classic splash page...

Fantastic Four 76 Silver Surfer splash 1968 Kirby

FF #76, page 6, featuring the Silver Surfer soaring in a moment of freedom.

Fantastic Four 76 Silver Surfer Third Eye poster

There was a black light poster made out of this page.  I did a quick search and found that it will see on eBay for over $100 now.  Marvel fans of this era will remember the black light posters created around 1970 for stoners to enjoy while they listened to rock music.  There were three Dr. Strange black light posters which I wrote about last year.  I think I may have had one of these (although not the Surfer) next to a lava lamp.  Nuff Said!


  1. Richard:

    I passed up several of these at the local swap meet when I was about 10. I think the dealer was asking a buck a piece, which was a little rich for my blood back in the day. Sure wish I had them now :-) Cosmic Kirby is awesome. Psychedelic cosmic Kirby is even more so!

    Comics Bronze Age editor

    1. I read a blog post where this fellow got a bunch of Marvel black light posters for $150. I just saw an eBay listing for the SS poster that was around that price.