Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Todd McFarlane covers Spider-Man and the X-Men

The reprint title Marvel Tales starting throwing a number of popular artists on the cover pages.  One of them was Todd McFarlane, who drew some outstanding covers of Spider-Man teaming up with the X-Men.

Marvel Tales 233 cover X-Men Spider-Man Todd McFarlane 1990

Marvel Tales #233, this cover is my favorite out of this batch.  The X-Men are in their classic yellow and blue uniforms, Beast is large and chunky in the foreground, Cyclops looks all repressed and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) is absolutely ravishing with her red hair spilling out of her mask.

Todd McFarlane Marvel Tales 233 original cover art 1990 X-Men Spider-Man

Original art to Marvel Tales #233, currently on sale at Heritage Comics auction site.  This will be an expensive purchase!  I think the auction closes in Feb 2013.

Marvel Tales 235 1989 cover by Todd McFarlane Spider-Man X-Men

Marvel Tales #235, featuring the all new X-Men charging alongisde Spidey.  Wolverine and Colossus get the big foreground push here.  I wish Phoenix was upfront so we could have seen how McFarlane would have drawn that costume.

Marvel Tales 235 original art by Todd McFarlane Spider-Man X-Men

Original art to #235, this sold for over $56K on Heritage, wowza!  You have to admire the detailed line work in this piece.

Marvel Tales 236 1990 cover by Todd McFarlane Spider-Man X-Men

Marvel Tales #236 features a classic McFarlane Spidey pose and Storm looks great in her original costume.  No original art for this one, I would love to see that one day.  Nuff Said!


  1. Man, those last two covers are more Liefeldian than Liefeld. In the middle one, everyone's running except Colossus, which looks weird. In the last one, Storm looks about 3 times the size of Spidey. Hell, even 5'3" Wolvie looks like a giant compared to him. I wonder if these were churned out really quickly, because I've known McFarlane's work from this period to be much better.

    1. I bet you are right that they were turned out quickly! Todd was busy as the artist of Amazing Spider-Man during this period. Never thought about the proportional sizing of the characters being off.