Monday, January 28, 2013

Monster Monday: Man-Wolf Premiere Cover Art by John Romita and Gil Kane

One monster I haven't gotten around to is Spider-Man's nemesis, Man-Wolf.  He premiered in Spidey's title (Amazing Spider-Man #124), teamed up with Morbius in Giant-Size Superheroes #1, then launched into his own solo series soon afterward.

Gil Kane, John Romita - Creatures on the Loose #30, Man-Wolf Cover 1974

Creatures on the Loose #30 was the premiere of Man-Wolf's solo adventures.  Funny enough, this first issue was written by Doug Moench, who also wrote Werewolf by Night!  The cover is a classic collaboration by John Romita Sr and Gil Kane.  The cover is playing up the traditional horror aspect of a lycanthrope, though as the series evolved, Man-Wolf became more of a science fiction character.  There is a classic setup here, this fellow obvious brought his girl up for some rooftop romance when he was surprised by J. Jonah Jameson's son!


Here is Gil Kane's original pencils on Marvel's art board for this issue. 

Gil Kane - Creatures on the Loose #30, Man-Wolf Cover Preliminary Original Art 1974

Here is a closeup view of Gil Kane's pencils for this cover.  It's interesting to examine this before Romita applied his inks.  The character of the Man-Wolf is kept mostly intact, but the girl is glamorized in Romita's style and the horror on the guy's face is more intense after Romita finishes him.

Gil Kane and John Romita Sr had two drastically different styles and approaches which usually produced visually stunning work!  Nuff Said.