Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feb 2013 Mighty Marvel Calendar Retro Style by Dusty Abell

Dusty Abell's 1970s retro inspired calendar take on January 2013 knocked my socks off!  He delivered February 2013 a while ago, but since it starts tomorrow, why not share it here?

Feb 2013 Mighty Marvel Calendar by Dusty Abell

A terrific pin-up of Ben Grimm adorns the top half by Mike McKone.  The bottom calendar features an array of art by Neal Adams, John Byrne, Michael Golden, Art Adams, and many more.  The birthdays are also cool, with celebrations for Rich Buckler, Ron Wilson, Curt Swan (even though he worked for the Direct Competition) and Doug Moench.  Print it out and stick it on your wall!  Check out Dusty's Facebook and DeviantArt pages for more good stuff, Nuff Said!

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