Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Captain America by Jazzy Johnny Romita Sr for July 4th!

The lead image here comes from the 1976 Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar...

Captain America by John Romita Sr from Marvel Calender 1976

Captain America and the Declaration of Independence!  Featured on the month of July for this calendar.

John Romita Sr. - Captain America and the Falcon Calendar Illustration Original Art (Marvel, 1975)

The Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975 also featured Captain America and the Falcon.  This is the original art to that one, wish I had a full color scan from the calendar.

John Romita Sr. - Aurora Comic Scenes Captain America Cover 1973

And last but not least, here is the original art to the Aurora model kit for Captain America.  You may remember this one--it came with a small comic book inside, illustrated by Romita.  Nuff Said!

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