Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thing Tuesdays: Clobberin' Time with Joe Sinnott Commissions

I found a couple of snazzy pinups by Joltin' Joe Sinnott featuring Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew!

Joe Sinnott The Thing Illustration Original Art (1985) Clobberin Time

This 1985 illustration is in full color and features a classic Thing opening up a can of whoop-ass with his favorite slogan.

Joe Sinnott - Original Sketch of The Thing (1996) insulted

Another 1996 illustration features a nice Thing head with a joke that I don't quite understand, but I appreciate the artwork nonetheless!  Nuff Said.


  1. I think "Pildorr" is a reference to an alien character in Strange Tales #94...I believe this story was the first time Sinnott ever inked Kirby. Pildorr is orange and kinda lumpy, so I guess someone brought up the story at a convention, and Joe commented on the resemblance.

    1. Thanks for the info! You are a true Friend Of Old Marvel!