Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thing Tuesday: Captain Marvel versus The Thing by Jim Starlin

Let's get a little cosmic this Tuesday, with the help of Mr. Jim Starlin!  No pharmaceuticals required.  :-)

Life of Captain Marvel 3 cover at by Jim Starlin

This cover featuring Ben Grimm versus the Kree warrior was on The Life of Captain Marvel #2, a baxter reprint series featuring Jim Starlin's entire run on the character.  This story, you may recall, had the Thing losing his voice and fighting the good Captain, believing him to be the Super Skrull in disguise.

The Life of Captain Marvel 2 original cover art by Jim Starlin

I came across this black and white illustration on Heritage Comics auction site, believing it to be the original art.  But looking closely, I detect quite a few differences.  The signature "GEMINI" (Jim and I, by Al Milgrom, his buddy and inker) is on the bottom here but in the first image it is on the side.  Captain Marvel's knee is higher towards the Thing's shoulder.  Did they alter the image for the final cover? 

Captain Marvel 26 with the Thing by Jim Starlin

Here is the 1973 issue of Captain Marvel that featured the original story (issue 26), a fine piece by Starlin early in his career.  Obviously a great way to bring new readers into his series, since the Thing was extremely popular back then.  Nuff Said!

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