Thursday, June 28, 2012

Storm by John Romita Sr

A cool pinup of classic Storm in her original Dave Cockrum costume.

John Romita Sr. - Storm Pin Up Original Art (2004)

Don't you miss this version of the character?  I do.  Brilliant!  Nuff Said.


  1. I do miss this version. I started reading comics in the early 90's when Storm had her Jim Lee digs, but my first comic was actually a reprint of a Dave Cockrum X-Men issue (Uncanny 150 to be exact), where Storm had this outfit. To me, this is Storm.

    Dave was a great costume designer, too. Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, etc. all had such simple costumes, but they were all so iconic. This is what I also like about a lot of Golden Age heroes' costumes. I like it a lot better than some of today's costumes with needless ornamentation or with every stitch being rendered.

    1. Obviously I agree with you 100%! A great costume is one that is simple and easy to recognize. Carmine Infantino's Flash and Kid Flash costumes were pure genius--marking those up with patches and lines all around doesn't really improve it. Thanks for writing.