Friday, June 29, 2012

Gil Kane: Conan the Barbarian in the Revolutionary War 1776?

If you could imagine the craziest team-up involving Conan the Barbarian, what would it be?  Conan and Spider-Man?  Conan and Thor?  Conan and Dracula?  I Say They Nay...the wackiest time travelling team-up of all time is....

Conan in the Revolutionary War 1776 from Marvel Calender 1976

Conan the Barbarian in the United States Revolutionary War of 1776!  Leading a rag-tag group of Minutemen in this illustration by Gil Kane.  It was featured in the Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar 1976.

Marvel Calender 1976 April Conan Barbarian month

And just for you, true believers, here is the Merry Month of the Barbarian: April.  Packed with images from Barry Smith and others.  Nice little tidbits of information, such as April 22nd is Steve Englehart's birthday--and the 26th was George Tuska's.

Gil Kane - The Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar, Conan Illustration Original Art (Marvel, 1976)

Here is the original artwork to this calendar piece by Gil Kane.  Nuff Said!

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