Monday, May 21, 2012

Monster Monday: Infernal Man-Thing covers by Art Adams

Next month Marvel is publishing a three-issue mini-series with Steve Gerber's last Man-Thing script, a sequel to the classic "Song Cry of the Living Dead Man" that appeared in MT #12 (1974).  Who is doing the covers for this new series?

Art Adams!  A natural choice since he has done many great commissions of Manny over the years.  This is the cover to Infernal Man-Thing #1.  It reminds a bit of Mike Ploog, with the water and slime dripping down his head.

Infernal Man-Thing #2 shows the swamp creature reaching out to touch someone, probably because they are afraid!  Whosoever Knows Fear...Burns at the Man-Thing's Touch.

Infernal Man-Thing #3 shows the creature ready for action.  This is very similar to the cover for Thunderbolts #154 from last year.  Great covers for a character that is finally getting some attention here and in Jeff Parker's Thunderbolts series.  Nuff Said!

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