Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keep on FOOMin with the Hulk

Here's an illustration from one of the early FOOM fanzine issues.  Can you guess the name of the artist?

Keep on Foomin with the Hulk by Jim Steranko

It's by Jim Steranko!  Featuring the Hulk strutting down the street with a FOOM membership card in hand.  Steranko was doing a take-off on another famous image that originally appeared in 1968.

Keep on Truckin by Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb drew Keep on Truckin as a one page strip in Zap Comics #1.  You've probably seen this on various truck decals and mud flaps over the years.  According to this Wikipedia article, Crumb never made much money from his creation.  Nuff Said!

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