Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thing Tuesday: The Thing collage by Loston Wallace and Steve Downer

I'm always looking for a great illustration of Ben Grimm, the Thing!  I am always delighted when I find a commission that knocks me out.  Hang on to your socks true believers, this is one is a doozy!

The Thing collage by Loston Wallace with Steve Downer colors

Loston Wallace published this on his site earlier this year in glorious black and white.  Later Steve Downer added the amazing color job that you see above.  Wallace and Downer have perfectly drawn and shaded the Thing's rocky hide.  The cast of villains and friends hanging above is a great reminder of Ben Grimm's past.  This one reminds so much of classic Marvel, I almost think Joe Sinnott inked it!

Please check out Loston's DeviantART site for more work.  And for another take on the colors for the Thing, check out Matt Webb's cool blue theme.  Nuff Said.

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  1. Great work by Loston. Keeping that Silver Age flavor alive.