Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sub-Mariner by Gene Colan and Drew Geraci

Sub-Mariner commission by Gene Colan, inked by Drew Geraci

Here is a nifty illustration of Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner in his element by Gene Colan (in March 2000) and Drew Geraci (inked in 2004).  Thanks to Drew for pointing this one out to me, it brought back memories of the Dean on old wingfoot.

Sub-Mariner 11 cover by Gene Colan 1968

This got me to many covers did Gene Colan draw for Sub-Mariner's own series, excluding Tales to Astonish?  The answer is...only one!  Most of the early covers were illustrated by John Buscema.  Sub-Mariner #11 from 1968 was the only cover featuring Colan's work, with Namor bearing down the sight of a periscope.

Sub-Mariner 11 splash page by Gene Colan, Imperius Rex

It is a story with an ironic twist.  Namor makes a big sacrifice to save a seaside port, then gets rewarded for his trouble by being attacked by the Navy.  You can see the result of this bad decision when he clobbers a warship on his own:  Imperius Rex!  Never say your not entitled, Namor wouldn't dare.  Nuff Said.

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