Friday, April 6, 2012

Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America by Mike McKone

I really get a kick out of following Mike McKone on Facebook.  He has been sharing a lot of commissions with us over the past couple of years.  Here are three illustrations for the Classic Marvel fans...

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin by Mike McKone

Spider-Man versus Green Goblin.  I love everything about this composition, from the battle in mid-air to Spidey's crazy upside down punch at the Goblin.  Makes me nostalgic for the days when Osborne was just a regular old crazy villain instead of a megalomaniac!

Captain Marvel classic by Mike McKone

Captain Marvel.  No version of the Captain ever worked as well as the classic Kree hero in his Gil Kane designed costume.  I really thought Marvel was going to bring him back to the dead in their recent announcement. 

Captain America standing pose by Mike McKone

Captain America, taking a scan of the scene before jumping into action.  Nuff Said!

Source:  Mike McKone Facebook page.


  1. Love all three, but the Captain Marvel is nice it invokes the Starlin look of the characters

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