Monday, April 9, 2012

Ka-Zar and Zabu Jumping Out of the Comics Page by Starlin and Romita

Here is a great cover that I almost thought was done by Gil Kane.  It features a familiar theme, the hero bursting out of the comics page.

astonishing tales 16 color cover by Jim Starlin and John Romita 1973

The jungle lord Ka-Zar and his best buddy Zabu are jumping out of the page directly at the reader, in Astonishing Tales #16, circa 1972.

Astonishing Tales 16 original cover art by Jim Starlin and John Romita

I found the original art to this on Heritage.  It looks to me like Jim Starlin penciled this cover and John Romita inked it.  Ka-Zar really looks like he is in a typical Starlin pose, but the inking is undeniably Romita's crisp line.  Gil Kane's presence is still here, since his artwork is on the page in the background.  Nuff Said!

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