Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marvelous Girls by Adam Hughes: Invisible Woman, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Jean Grey and Gwen Stacy

Here is something for, tovarisch, as Colossus used to say.  What is the plural of tovarisch?  Tovarisches?  Anyway, something for you, a gallery of tastefully illustrated Marvel women, by Adam Hughes...

Invisible Woman art auction piece by Adam Hughes

Invisible Woman.  This was done for an auction to raise money for victims of domestic violence.  This piece raised $7500 for the cause!  That is all icing on the cake of this great illustration, showing Sue Storm as lovely as she can be in her FF uniform.

She Hulk Litho for Sideshow Collectibles by Adam Hughes

She-Hulk.  This was a lithograph for Sideshow Collectibles, included with the statue of the green lady.  I think Norman Rockwell would feel very flattered, don't you?

Ms Marvel by Adam Hughes

Ms Marvel.  In her original outfit designed by John Romita!  You can definitely see the Alphonse Mucha influence with that scarf wrapping around her head.  I hope she doesn't trip on it.

Marvel Girl by Adam Hughes

Jean Grey as Marvel Girl, wearing her outfit from the Neal Adams period.  My what a big mask, she would need telekinesis just to keep that from flying off her head!

Gwen Stacey by Adam Hughes

Gwen Stacy, Spidey's greatest love, in her trademark 70s coat and black boots.  Misty water-colored memories of the Way We Were! It always brings a tear to my eye.  Nuff Said!

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