Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thing Tuesdays: Six Shattering Pin-Ups of Ben Grimm by Moebius, Byrne, Deodato, Smith, and Rude

I have posted over 25 images of my favorite rocky hero, The Thing.  Here are a few of them that are very special...

moebius the thing

The Thing poster by Moebius has always gathered a lot of attention here on my blog.  I think people forgot that Moebius did some Marvel work in the 1980s.  This poster really captures something craggy and cool about Ben Grimm.  You can also view Moebius' Iron Man poster and his Silver Surfer cover for Marvel Age.

Mike Deodato's Thing and Franklin Richards

Another illustration that I found very good and out of the norm was this one by Mike Deodato, showing the Thing hanging out with his nephew, Franklin Richards.  This is fun and kind of sweet, reminding you why the Thing is such a great character.  He can be tortured, he can be cranky, but he is also just a plain joe who hangs out with his adopted family.  I also just think this may be one of Deodato's best drawings ever.

Marvel Two-In-One 1 1973 Thing and Man-Thing cover by Gil Kane

Here is one cover that I somehow missed until now: Marvel Two-In-One #1 from 1973.  The launch of a brand new team up series, it was the Thing's own title with guest stars each month.  The first issue was written by Steve Gerber, who decided it was high time that Ben Grimm visit Florida and the monster known as Man-Thing.  Terrific cover by Gil Kane.

The Thing #1 1983

The Thing finally got his #1 issue all to himself in 1983, with this great cover by John Byrne.  I always thought Byrne drew a wonderful rendition of Ben Grimm, and this cover is the evidence.

Marvel Fanfare 15 Barry Smith Thing cover

Barry Smith drew the Thing in a few special stories.  One of them appeared in Marvel Fanfare #15, a story featuring Ben Grimm suffering from a series of pranks planned by Johnny Storm.  Marvel-ous head shot of the Thing, about to enjoy a stogie.  I imagine it was probably an exploding cigar planted by Johnny.

Thing Sue Storm sketch by Steve Rude from ComicArtFans

When I was a kid, the Thing was one of the most popular characters at Marvel.  He lit up a story whenever he appeared in any book, and he had his own series for almost 2 decades--if you combine Marvel Two-In-One with The Thing.  Why did his popularity fade away through the years?  I don't know the answer, but I did love this commission by Steve Rude, which pondered the same question.

There is a lot more orange crush for you to savor here--just click on all posts tagged The Thing.  Until next time, True Believers, enjoy life but always keep an eye open for those darn Yancy Streeters.  Nuff Said!


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