Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thing Tuesday: Doc Savage meets Ben Grimm

Marvel Two-In-One 21 1976 cover by Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott

Here is a rip-roaring cover from 1976 by Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott from Marvel Two-In-One #21.  A great team-up between Doc Savage and The Thing, even though they never met in person—the story took place in two different time periods.  I love how The Thing punches his way toward the reader, and Marvel’s version of Doc Savage looks pretty cool, too.  You can tell right away that Sinnott inked this cover, his style on The Thing is easily recognizable.

Rich Buckler MTIO21 Doc Savage Thing Black Sun Marvel Two-In-One guy on ComicArtFans

I did a search on ComicArtFans to see if anyone had the original art to this piece.  I didn’t find that, but I did discover MarvelTwoInOne76 guy commissioned this piece by Rich Buckler, showing the two heroes facing off against the villain of this story, Black Sun.  He has a nice story behind how he received this artwork from his friends, you can read about it here on ComicArtFans.  You can also visit his Yancy Street Preservation Society.  Nuff Said!

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