Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strange Sunday: Five Mystical Pin-Ups of Dr Strange by Colan, Brunner, Golden, Smith, and Davis

I have posted over 20 images of the Dr. Strange over the are five of my favorite illustrations.

Doctor Strange 177

It seems like I am one of the few fans of Doc's superhero outfit that first appeared on this cover to Dr. Strange #177 from 1969.  I love this cover by Gene Colan--I even had a poster of this on my wall back in the day.  I wrote about this in 2009, Dr. Strange Masked Superhero, I had a number of comments telling me this was the worst thing that ever happed to Doc.

Dr Strange, Master, Student, Apprentice

Frank Brunner is another one of my favorite Doctor Strange artists, who drew the series when Steve Englehart started writing it in the 70s.  This giant-sized pinup, which first appeared in Marvel Treasury Edition #6 from 1975, shows Doc in his trippy 70s new age glory, along with Clea and the Ancient One.  Stare at this piece while listening to John Lennon's Across the Universe to get into the proper groove.  I wrote about this in 2008 in an article titled Ancient One, Doc, Clea by Frank Brunner.  You can see a scan of the original inked version there.

doctor strange golden portfolio

Of all the artists who worked on Dr. Strange, Michael Golden had the biggest impact with just a couple of issues and covers.  He produced the wonderful Doctor Strange portfolio in the early 80s.  The cover to the folio was this great illustration with Doc about to use the Orb of Agamotto.  I just love the fine details of the drawing here.

Doctor Strange 56 cover by Paul Smith, 1982

Paul Smith followed Golden on the Doctor Strange series in the 1980s and did some remarkable work as well.  I think everyone loves this cover to Doctor Strange #56 by Mr. Smith.  A single character shot that shows why Doc reigns the magical universe of Marvel.

Dr Strange Meets Stan Lee Special 2006 by Alan Davis

Finally, an man I think can no wrong when it comes to classic Marvel characters, Alan Davis.  He drew this splash page in the Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strangespecial from 2006.  I really dig the original pen and ink version here.

There is plenty of more magic here on the site, click on all posts tagged Doctor Strange.  Until we meet again, may the Vishanti watch over thee...and may your amulet never tickle!  Nuff Said.


  1. Have to agree with everyone else, I'm afraid; superhero Doc was a bad idea. But what is this? No Ditko Doc? The man who created the Strange world and gave us Jim Starlin's cosmic madness - for that alone he should be thanked. Pity Starlin never did more on Doc apart from the few issues around Doctor Stranger Yet.

  2. Yeah, no Ditko Doc, outrageous! I guess I tend to stick to the comics I read as a kid. I do love Ditko, but I discovered him later through reprints. I do agree--Ditko is the master!