Saturday, February 5, 2011

Silver Surfer Saturday: Five Illustrations that Soar by Kirby, Buscema, Byrne, Jusko, and Davis

Over the years I've posted over 25 Silver Surfer are five of my all time favorites.

Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby and Al Gordon with really nice Colors by Artist-Colorist Supremo, John Heebink

Jack Kirby, the co-creator of Norrin Radd, of course is the grand master of drawing this character.  While I love a lot of the Fantastic Four covers, this illustration, inked by Al Gordon, knocked me out when I saw it on Al's Flickr page.

Silver Surfer 4 cover by John Buscema, 1968

John Buscema drew the Surfer in a more sleek, stylized truth, I saw Buscema's version first and regarded it as the model.  It took me quite a while to appreciate Kirby's approach.  But my all time favorite Buscema drawing is this cover to Silver Surfer #3, where he fought Thor on the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard.

Silver Surfer 1 v2 by John Byrne Tom Palmer 1982

John Byrne only drew the Silver Surfer a few times, most notably in this 1982 Silver Surfer one-shot special.  I thought this was a great story, wrapping up several years of continuity, and it was the first time that Byrne had worked with inker Tom Palmer.  The cover is magnificient--the Surfer longingly gazes at the cosmos in the way that Jeff Spicoli looks at the waves in Malibu.

silver surfer by alan davis

Alan Davis has had a few opportunites to draw the Surfer as well, in various mini-series throughout the years.  I wish Marvel would commission him to do a new mini-series, because he gets this character right every time.  I loved this pin-up that Davis did, where the Surfer sits by himself in space, pondering the Earth.  That was the essence of the Silver Surfer in his early days, an outsider, separated from humanity but always drawn to save it.

Silver Surfer by Joe Jusko

Finally, here is a Joe Jusko painting that I believe was used for a Marvel poster back in the 1980s, a colorful and vivid rendering of the Surfer's intergalactic wandering.

There are many more image of Norrin Radd awaiting you--click on all my posts tagged Silver Surfer! May you always fly above the cosmos, onward and upward, true believers! Nuff Said.


  1. The Jusko painting was on one of the hardcover graphic novels in the '80's. I have it, but am too lazy at the moment whilst watching college hoops to go down to the Batcave and check it out.

    Beautiful art in this post!


  2. How about the cover of Fantastic Four #72? That's my favourite Kirby Surfer. Jack was a very quick artist, but he took his time over this cover, and it shows.

    Leamington Spa, England

  3. Awesome picks! I'd put a whole bunch Kirby versions and Mobius in there too!

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