Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marvel Fanfare 45 pinups by Bob Layton, Marshall Rogers and Sandy Plunkett

Marvel Fanfare 045 Iron Man armor hall by Bob Layton

You have probably seen this famous illustration of Iron Man in his Hall of Armor, drawn by the inimitable Bob Layton.  But did you know that this image first appeared in Marvel Fanfare #45?  It was later made into a poster and used as the cover for trade paperback covers.  I hope Layton got compensated for this, surely one of the most iconic Iron Man drawings ever produced during the 1980s.

Marvel Fanfare 045 classic X-Men by Marshall Rogers

Marshall Rogers got the opportunity to draw the original classic X-Men in this pinup.  I think he captures the crazy fun of the early team, in their blue and yellow uniforms, quite well.  I love the Beast bounding towards the reader.  Ah, I miss the days of Hank and Bobby at the Coffee A-Go-Go.  Do you think that will make it into Matthew Vaughan’s X-Men First Class movie?

Marvel Fanfare 45 Scarlet Witch pinup by Sandy Plunkett

Sandy Plunkett is like a rare gem that I love to find from time to time in back issues, especially in Marvel Fanfare.  This illustration of the Scarlet Witch among sabre-tooth tigers looks like it takes place in the Savage Land.

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