Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Amazing Heroes covers by Todd McFarlane

Amazing Heroes 170 Marvel heroes cover by Todd McFarlane 1989

It has been such a long time, I had even forgotten that Todd McFarlane ever drew mainstream Marvel characters!  But he was all the rage in the late 1980s, and this cover for Amazing Heroes #170 shows that McFarlane could draw the big characters quite well.  I really liked these Preview specials that AH would produce.  This idea of Wolverine, Human Torch, Captain America and Spider-Man bursting out of the interior pages was a good one.

Amazing Heroes 179 Spider-Man 1990 cover by Todd McFarlane

In 1990, McFarlane produced the cover for AH #179, to promote his brand spanking new adjective-less Spider-Man series that broke all sales records.  I never thought of their being a Bob Kane influence on McFarlane’s work…but now I can see it a bit.  Nuff Said!


  1. The Bob Kane thing is a reference to Kane doing some conceptual art on the 1989 Batman movie that was largely swipes of McFarlane's Batman: Year Two art.

  2. Interesting! I had never heard about that incident with the Batman art. I did see Kane pieces around the time of the movie and wondered how he could still draw so well. Especially because I always thought Kane farmed out everything to other artists. That makes sense now.

  3. Hey guys, do you know if we can find those Bob Kane concepts that Todd got so upset about?