Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thor Thursday: Movie posters for US and International Releases

Thor International Poster

I cannot get over the fact that a Thor movie will be in the movie theaters in May!  Regardless of the quality of the film or changes to the classic Stan Lee / Jack Kirby storyline, I think it’s great that many people will be introduced to the Asgardian mythos for the first time!  The poster that you see above is the version for International (re: Europe) movie theaters.

Thor US One Sheet Poster

Here is the advance one-sheet poster for the United States theaters.  I prefer the International poster, it seems a bit more dramatic.  Both of these advance posters do nothing to convey the wonders of Asgard.  I am hoping this is just because they are advance teaser posters and some other versions are coming later.  The Europeans also get to see Thor 1 week ahead of US.  Not fair, we created Thor!  Well, if you forget about Vikings and Norse origins.  There will be a lot of kids who see this film and have no idea about those—hopefully they will look them up.


Last year at Comic-Con 2010, Marvel released this “poster” featuring production concept art of a battle between Thor and Loki in the film.  I think the costumes look superb.

I think all Marvel fans are waiting to see how this film turns out.  From the trailer we can see that the origin story has been altered.  The film doesn’t start with Dr. Don Blake finding the hammer and turning into Thor.  Presumably the film makers want to start off with plenty of action, with Thor fighting the Frost Giants and triggering a war that was unnecessary.  Odin sends Thor to Earth to learn humility and separates him from Mjlonir. Kenneth Branagh did say at Comic-Con that there is some Don Blake stuff in there—if I had to guess, I’d bet the screenwriters will borrow Dan Jurgens trick in his version of Thor—having the Thunder God somehow merge his existence with Blake to save his life.  Then he would once again become worth of wielding Mjolnir and go on to whup the Destroyer’s ass in the last act.

Mere conjecture on my part.  Let’s hope that Thor is on the same level as the first two X-Men films, rather than the Fantastic Four movies.  Nuff Said!

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