Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silver Surfer Saturday: Marvel Fanfare 45 cover by John Buscema

Marvel Fanfare 51 Silver Surfer cover by John Buscema

Big Al Milgrom, the editor of Marvel Fanfare, was wise enough to commission this beautiful wraparound cover for a Silver Surfer story in issue #51, circa 1990.  It features some Thor-ish goodness as the Surfer battles Magog on Earth.  The story was written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Buscema and Jack Abel.  It features a Surfer still earth-bound, fighting against a dirty Kree plot, and has guest appearances by the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange.  Not to mention Mantis, one of Englehart’s favorite characters.

Marvel Fanfare 051 Editori-AL

The Editori-AL for this issue explains the origins of this story.  You may remember that Marvel launched a new ongoing Surfer series in 1987, by Marshall Rogers and Englehart.  Originally this was going to be a 12-part maxi series, each one double sized and drawn by Buscema, just like the original 1960s series!  When the plan was changed to make the series an ongoing title, plot lines changed and Marshall Rogers (who had enjoyed great success with Englehart over at DC Comics) became the artist.  The first issue of the original series was written and drawn by Buscema, but never published until this issue of Marvel Fanfare. 

Al Milgrom did everyone a great favor by pulling out these unused inventory stories into Marvel Fanfare.  Makes me wonder how many other stories have been lost throughout the years?  Nuff Said!

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  1. This was sent to me by Toby:


    Regarding your Surfer entry from Jan. 22? In case you don't already know, Marvel has planned at least two titles planned that do just what you mentioned...using old inventory stories. According to Tom Brevoort's Formspring page, these were found in storage when a post-Disney purchase Marvel moved offices. You should be pleased to know, the first will be a Dr. Strange story. What I assume will be the second is a Thunderbolts story. Sales willing, we may see even more.\

    Always enjoy your entries! Take care.

    Rock Hill, SC