Friday, January 21, 2011

Heroes and Villains Poster by John Romita Sr and Alex Ross

Heroes and Villains Poster by John Romita Sr and Alex Ross

Back in 2004, Alex Ross teamed up with Marvel’s classic artist John Romita Sr to produce this poster, commemorating all the characters that Romita had a hand in creating/designing for the company.  I saved a number of scans from Ross’ website that highlight key characters.


Mary Jane Watson is front and center, in her famous Face It Tiger, You Hit the Jackpot! pose.  She’s framed by Robbie Robertson (editor of the Daily Bugle) and Captain Stacy (father of Gwen).  Man-Wolf and Gibbon are here, too, but take a look at that fellow behind Robbie: The Sentry (golden age version).


The lower right corner features Wolverine, in a pose reminiscent of his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #181.  Ms. Marvel is also in this area, featuring her bikini bottom costume which made a welcome re-appearance during the Dark Reign storyline.


The left hand side features Spider-Man villains: The Kingpin, Shocker, and Rhino.  Not to mention Spidey’s extra appendages taken from Amazing Spider-Man #100!  Luke Cage is bustin’ out in his Tiara as Hero for Hire.  I was really happy to see Steve Gerber and Jim Mooney’s Omega the Unknown represented in this pantheon as well.


This panel showcases a few more offbeat characters.  Satana, the daughter of the Devil, is shown her classic Romita outfit on the left.  Namor the Sub-Mariner got a regal new costume designed by Romita (and Reed Richards) in a last ditch effort to revitalize Namor’s sales.  Misty Knight, from Iron Fist, is here, along with Spitfire from the Invaders.

I don’t have a good close up of the upper right quadrant, but take a look at the big poster scan on top of this post.  That area contains Brother Voodoo, Medusa, Mantis, Black Widow, and The Falcon’s new winged costume.  And a character from a great short story that Romita did with Stan Lee in Savage Tales, one of The Femizons!  Whoever bought this poster was very lucky indeed.  Nuff Said!


  1. Mine was a gift from the artist and it's hanging proudly in my living of my three favorite Alex pieces's a beautiful collaboration, he kept every ounce of Romita Sr. in his painted versions of the underlying artwork. One of my faves is the inclusion of The Rattler from the daily newspaper strip, i loved that guy when i was a kid, he totally should have made the leap over to the comic as well, if he didn't!

    1. Romita actually pencilled it and Ross painted

  2. I can't see Spitfire from the Invaders anywhere in that poster, or did you mean Firestar, from the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon?

  3. Romita actually pencilled it and Ross painted

  4. Who is right above Luke Cage in the pink and white stripes?