Friday, February 5, 2010

The 1980s Marvel Heroes Fashion Makeover: Grey Hulk, Spider-Man Black Costume, etc.

Every comics company loves to give their heroes a new look from time to time.  During the Shooter-era of the 1980s, the Marvel heroes were re-designed with new looks and costumes.

The new look for the Marvel Heroes in the 80s, 90s

  • Spider-Man: Black costume from Secret Wars, sans the symbiote.
  • Iron Man: Tony Stark designed this red and silver armor in Iron Man #200.
  • Hulk: Grey Hulk from Peter David’s tenure on the series.
  • Thor: Walt Simonson designed this new battle armor and let the Thunder God grow a beard.
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers put on this costume and became a free agent for a while.  Later on, US Agent wore this costume whenever a team needed a third-rate Captain America—like the current Mighty Avengers series.

Were these Marvel makeovers as bad as shoulder pads and mullets?  I liked the Grey Hulk the best out of this lineup.  Nuff Said!

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


Those were the days! I'm with you on the Grey Hulk but also was a fan of the "Captain."
I'll always have a soft spot for the black Spidey costume: didn't collect comics rigourously, mainly getting the Marvel UK 'Transformers' comic and the odd issue of other series, but that title tended to run other Marvel strips as back-ups. One such strip, taken from the 1986 US 'Amazing Spider-Man' annual, I later learned, showed Spidey coming up against the Iron Man of 2020, and, having only seen Spider-man in the red and blue costume, this cool new look blew me away! At the time, I knew nothing of the origin of the costume, or its alien nature (that said, as that story was printed in 1986, the black costume in it would have been the cloth version anyway), but thought (and still do) that it was aesthetically stunning in its simplicity, the white spider emblem really complimenting the black. We must have had quiet childhoods, because I can remember talking with friends about Spidey's 'new' look: one friend said that the suit was an alien, and I thought he was surely mistaken...


  1. the costume of Steve Rogers is THE CAPTAIN for me XD XD XD
    for IRON MAN I always love the GREY and GOLD armor....


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